Chestnut Stuffing
by Loraine

Ingredients: Directions:
  1. Soften onion - either sauté in pan or in microwave.
  2. Drain the chestnuts (I'm assuming they've already been soaked) and place in blender / liquidizer to chop them up.
  3. Place all ingredients in a bowl & mix.
  4. Add water to give the consistency of a stuffing mixture (about 1/2 cup)
  5. Spoon into glass dish (approx 20x20cm) - no need to grease it.
  6. Bake 200C (400F) for approx 40-45 mins (until browned / a little crispy on top)
  7. Cut into 4 portions
Total is 4.5 oxalates = 1.1 per portion

My son loves this as a change from rice: roast chicken & veg with chestnut stuffing is a favourite!

Also try replacing the cranberries with a small apple and some sausage meat (pre-cooked). It makes a nice stand alone meal for tea time. Freezes well too