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Accounts from the Trying_Low_Oxalates Yahoo! Group:

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“His SLP (who by the way was in charge of all of the speech therapists school system) said he was the most improved child in the entire preschool. He has not repeated a year and is fully mainstreamed with a shadow for guidance to encourage socialization. He has become very social with adults and has a desire to make friends, but just needs some coaching about how to go about it. Amazing.”
(After 9 months of following a low oxalate diet)

“My 4 yr old was very rigid and picky with eating and now he eats many more foods, his malabsorption is much better and well as his yeast issues, improvements in gross and fine motor skills, increase in socialization and ability to climb stairs for the first time!!!”

“I have been on the LOD for a little over a month after being GFDF for almost two years. I have fibromyalgia and severe gluten intolerance. The results have been astonishing for me with incredible improvements. The hard painful lumps and sharp pains in my feet and legs are gone, as well as fibrocystic breast lumps and hardened painful chest wall lumps. I feel very excited, yet alone in this whole experience, as any of the doctors I have talked to know nothing about this.”

“After starting LOD, my son was a huge responder. We had the classic "honeymoon" period, followed by some regression, then even more gains after that. He had urinary problems, an extended belly, constant complaints of stomach aches, urinating frequently, and diarrhea. When we started the diet and added in some supplements and removed others, all those issues cleared up. His diarrhea cleared up. He wasn't leaving class every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom (which was a real problem because he is mainstreamed into second grade) he stopped complaining of stomach pain, and I noticed he wasn't getting up as often in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Something we didn't expect was the increased social skills, eye contact, and coordination.”

“After going LOD, I feel so much more clear-headed, don't have anymore headaches (unless I have an infraction) and I have more energy. I was one of those that would eat a handful of nuts in the morning and juice spinach, swiss chard and wheat grass thinking this has to make me feel better, and then would wonder why I felt so awful when I was eating so healthy. The most amazing thing to me about going LOD is that I used to have a lot of pain in my wrists, similar to carpal tunnel pain, with inflammation on the top of my wrists, and that has gone away since being LOD. ”

“I am an adult LODer who came here originally for my son, but have changed my own health as much as I have his through the diet. I also have had severe issues with kidney infections on top of all of that; infections that had in recent years kept me sick in bed for up to a week each month, and on antibiotics the other weeks. The LOD has fixed that condition when numerous specialists couldn't pinpoint a cause--I am sure now that I have been dealing with hyperoxaluria my whole life. What a Godsend this diet has been for my family! And I now have the energy to deal with my son's autism, also GREATLY helped with this diet.”